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This page contains archives for the descendents of Francis McNutt through his son Lieutenant James McNutt, including images, text transcripts (in some cases), and biographies.   You may submit additional materials for your Scribner ancestors by e-mail to the webmaster or by filling out the feedback form.

These archives are organized by family, and presented in the order of the outline descendant tree, below:  Clicking on a link will take you to the family page for the listed individuals.

bulletGeneration 1: Francis McNutt
bulletGeneration 2: Lieutenant James McNutt and Sidney Ewing
bulletGeneration 2: John McNutt and other siblings of Lieutenant James McNutt
bulletGeneration 3: Descendants of James McNutt & Sidney Ewing
bullet3A:  James McNutt, Jr. & Mary Laverty
bullet4A1:  Mary Ann McNutt & Harrison Blair
bullet3B:  Joseph McNutt
bullet3C:  John McNutt
bullet3D:  [???] McNutt & James Blair
bullet3E:  Frances [Fanny] McNutt & Samuel Blair
bullet3F:  Ewing McNutt & Mary [???}
bullet3G: Samuel H. McNutt & Mary Susannah Blair
bullet3H: Jane McNutt & Michael Blair
bullet4H1:  Clarissa Blair
bullet4H2:  Hattie Blair
bullet4H3:  John Blair
bullet4H4:  Harrison Blair
bullet4H5:  Nancy Blair
bullet4H6:  Mary Jane Blair
bullet4H7:  Carlton James Blair
bullet4H8:  Tarlton Blair
bullet4H0:  Priscilla Blair
bullet3J:   Oliver McNutt, Sr. & Mary Jordan
bullet3J1:  William J. McNutt & Cintha Ann Hamilton
bullet3J2:  James McNutt
bullet3J3:  Jane McNutt
bullet3J4:  John McNutt
bullet3J5:  Alexander McNutt
bullet3J6:  Rachel McNutt
bullet3J7:  Nancy McNutt
bullet3J8:  Oliver Hazard Perry McNutt
bullet3J9:  Louisa McNutt
bullet3K:  Nancy McNutt & John Martin Laverty
bullet3K1:  James A. Laverty
bullet3K2:  Esta Laverty


Where Were They?

The webmaster is beginning a compilation of census locations for individuals in the McNutt dataset.  When it is ready, this information will be provided by way of a spreadsheet , viewable in Adobe Acrobat format.


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