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Cintha Ann Hamilton & William J. McNutt; circa 1872.

The date of this photograph is unknown; however, the photographer was H.T. Biel, in Terre Haute, Indiana. Cintha is known to have died in April 1872. The 1880 census lists Henry T. Biel, age 25, as a photographer at 417 1/2 Wabash Avenue in Terre Haute. He would have been about age 18 in 1872, so this would have had to have been one of the earliest photos taken by Henry T. Biel, and it would have had to have been taken close to the time of Cintha's death in 1872.

John Erastus McNutt, also referred to as "John R. McNutt"

Date unknown, but possibly taken in early 1920s; this photo was taken in the same location as a photo of William Gray Cooper and his son Luther Cooper [see in Gallery]. William Gray married Maud Classick, niece of John McNutt through John's sister Nina McNutt Classick.

Maud Classick and her mother Nancy Kathryn ["Nina"] McNutt Classick

Photo taken circa 1905-1906. Maud and William Gray Cooper were married in February 1906, so this was likely taken shortly before that time.

Nina McNutt Classick

Date of photograph unknown; estimated circa 1900

Mary A. [McNutt] Walters and her son Lemuel [left] and husband Samuel W. Walters [right]

Date unknown; estimated circa 1905.

Nina McNutt Classick at railroad signal house

Nina worked for years as a signalwoman [flagger] for the railroad in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Eugene Classick Cooper

Photo taken in same place as photo of John McNutt, see above.

William Gray Cooper

Photo taken in same place as photo of John McNutt, see above. From the composite of these three photos, I estimate that the photos were taken in the early 1920s.

Family Bible Page for William J. McNutt Family

William J. McNutt, Parke County, Indiana; 22nd of June 1822; Cintha Ann, 4th of May 1827; James C. McNutt, Vigo County; Ind.; 16th Sept. 1849; Mary A. McNutt, Vigo County, Ind.; Feb. 9th, 1852; William M. McNutt, Vigo County, Ind.; July 14th, 1855; John R. McNutt, Vigo County, Ind.; 9th of Aug, 1858; Nancy K. McNutt, Vigo County, Ind.; 23rd Oct., 1864; Cintha A. McNutt, Vigo County, Ind.; 7th April, 1871.

Marriage Ledger Entry for William J. McNutt & Cintha Ann Hamilton

Dated 24 December 1848, Vigo County, Indiana

Walters Family Bible Page

Born: Samuel Walters, May 28, 1842, Madison Co., KY; Mary Walters, Feb. 9, 1852, Terre Haute, Ind.; Gertrude Walters, July 3, 1870, Cedar County, Mo; Amy Walters, June 7, 1872, Vernon County, Mo; Lemuel Walters, Oct. 23, 1874, Newton County, Ind.;

Married Feb. 22, 1869 by J. Jinkins