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08/22/07: Update -- Welcome to the new McNutt Family Website!  We have recently changed webhosting services, and will be adding new content as time permits.  Check out our database on the "Data" Page.  (Remember, it is a work in PROGRESS....)
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McNutt Family

Welcome to the McNutt Family Website!

This website is the major project of the McNutt Family Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to discovering and preserving the family history of the descendents of Alexander McNutt, born in 1656, emigrant from Scotland via Ireland. 

Of particular interest to the webmasters is the line descending from Lieutenant James McNutt, who is thought to be a grandson of Alexander McNutt, descending from Alexander's son James McNutt; James was probably born in Ulster, Ireland between 1710-1717, and left several orphaned children following his death in 1749 in Augusta County, Virginia, including Lieutenant James McNutt.  Lieutenant James McNutt acquired his rank during the American Revolution.  He  served at the Battle of Point Pleasant under Captain Matthew Arbuckle, and following the war received a generous land bounty in the Virginia Military District (now the State of Ohio).  This line of McNutts traces its lineage from Ohio (where the land was patented) and into several other midwestern states -- notably Indiana and Illinois.

The McNutt Family of Monroe County, West Virginia is now contained within a larger work by the webmaster, available in PDF form HERE.

Several sources have confused Lieutenant James McNutt with the James McNutt who was the grandson of Alexander McNutt through his son Alexander; the son Alexander also settled in Augusta County, Virginia.  The latter James McNutt has no apparent Revolutionary War service record; he was born in 1740 to Alexander (a brother of James, the father of Lieutenant James McNutt), married Margaret McElroy in 1768, and died in Augusta County, Virginia on 6 September 1811.  Lieutenant James McNutt was also probably born in 1740, but married Sidney Ewing in Greenbrier County, Virginia on 6 February 1781, and then removed with his family to Franklin County, Ohio in 1806.  He died 30 November 1809 in Franklin County, Ohio.

For the most recent updates to our family genealogical data not yet posted to the data set, see McNutt News.

This website is the beginning of an effort to form a centralized repository for the genealogy and history of the descendents of Alexander McNutt, emigrant born in Scotland in 1656. As the site develops, we may broaden our reach to include information about other lines of McNutts in America as well.  At present, we will in particular emphasize the line of Lieutenant James McNutt, because that is the line of which we know the most.

If you know you are a descendent of the Alexander McNutt line, or have a research interest in that line, please create an entry in our database.

In the near future, we will begin to create data reports, organized by family group in the images and archives section of this website.

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Submissions:  PLEASE ....

We are always looking for additional materials relevant to our family.  If you know of a website, or have information, photographs, documents, or other information you would like to have us host and share on this site, please contact the webmaster.


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We also have a home in Yahoo Groups.

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All feedback and offers of additional materials for future multimedia volumes should be addressed to the webmaster.

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Meet Your Website Crew:


Laura Cooper Fenimore



An avid McNutt researcher, Laura is the great-great-granddaughter of Nancy Kathryn "Nina" McNutt, daughter of William J. McNutt and Cynthia Ann Hamilton of Indiana.   By profession, Laura is known as Laura D. Cooper, Esq., Attorney at Law, and is the author of the recent book published by Demos Medical Publishing, Inc. called Insurance Solutions: Plan Well, Live Better.

If you would like to contact Laura, you may e-mail her.


Jack McNutt



John (Jack) Charles McNutt. b. April 12, 1940 in East St. Louis, IL. The only child of Herman W. McNutt and Winifred J. (Davis) McNutt. Graduated 1958 from Assumption (Catholic) High School.  Attended Southern Illinois University (Extension campus in E. St. Louis) four years. Major: Geography. Minor: English & History. Non-degree.  Worked part-time during college as a clerk for the New York Central Railroad.   He worked on what is called the "extra board".  Joined the East St. Louis Police Department in 1962, left in 1967 after being shot in the line of duty. Joined the Air Force Reserves in 1963, on active duty for six months, trained as an Air Policeman.  Joined Motorola Communications & Electronics Inc. in 1967 and moved to Indianapolis. Was the District Manager for Public Safety Communications in the northern half of Indiana. Trained in sales and sales management. Sold two-way radio communications systems. Left Motorola in 1977.  Pursued a career in radio communications, outside Motorola, to date. He joined Primus Electronics Corp in September of 1988 as the manager of the Railroad Division, having skills in both the communications industry and the railroad industry. Sales territory is North America! Primus is a warehouse distributor of equipment to every segment of the communications industry. (It does not sell the radios, just the accessory items such as towers, antennas, transmission line, connectors).   He works from his home office, and enjoys every moment!  He has no plans to retire.  In addition, since 1994 he has worked part-time for the Louisville & Indiana Railroad as a certified locomotive engineer running trains between Indianapolis and Louisville.  Interests & Hobbies:  Amateur Radio. Currently holds an Amateur Extra Class license. (The highest attainable). Call sign: K9OTB. First issued in 1957. Birding. His grandfather taught him about birds when he was about 8. He has been interested ever since. In the last 25 years he has intensified his interest from a bird watcher to a birder.  Genealogy. he started his investigation in 2000. He suddenly realized that he knew very little about his family history.  He now knows that his research can assist others in their research today and in the future.  Jack has lived in the town of Prince's Lakes, IN. for 23 years,  Prince's Lakes is located in the very southern portion of Johnson Co. and supports a population of 1500. It has 5 small businesses and roughly 700 homes. It is all woods and 14 lakes.

If you would like to contact Jack, you may e-mail him.


Who Was Alexander McNutt?


The Augusta County, Virginia family with the surname McNutt (from which both webmasters are descended through his grandson Lieutenant James McNutt) had its beginnings in the surnames of McNitt, MacNaucht and MacNauchtan and can be traced back through Northern Ireland (1720-1656) and to Galloway, Scotland (1650-1200).

Many of the Galloway MacNaucht families settled in the Laggan section of Donegal, Ireland.  The Laggan, or lowlands, lies south of Lough Swilly, and just west and southwest of Londonderry. The Laggan section in the county of Donegal, is now part of the Irish Republic. This is where our oldest identifiable ancestor, Alexander McNitt or McNutt, was born in 1656.

In the early 1700's, the Church of England was applying pressure on the Ulster Scotsmen to give up their memberships in the Presbyterian church, without success.  Before 1720, many of the leases held by the Scots of Ulster came up for renewal, and the landowners, (who supported the church of England and the English merchants) made it extremely expensive for Scotsmen to renew their leases. These repressions were sufficient to push those of Ulster who owned no land into emigration to the New World.

Our ancestor, Alexander McNitt or McNutt, who was born in Laggan in 1656, came to Boston with his youngest son, Barnard, in 1720. With their wives, they settled with an Ulster Scottish colony near Worcester, Mass., and then moved west to Palmer, Mass. in 1732. The eldest son of Alexander McNitt, and brother of Barnard, named Alexander McNutt, emigrated from Laggan to Maryland in 1735, with his family, and then moved on to the Valley of Virginia in 1744.  At some time another brother joined Alexander in Augusta, Virginia, named James McNutt; this James McNutt died shortly after arriving in the colonies in 1749 -- leaving several orphaned children in Augusta County, Virginia.

McNutt Family Images


This is an online album containing photographs and images of significant historical documents pertinent to our McNutt History.



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